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Black Powder, a tale of gunpowder, treason and plot, is published by Chicken House 

Black Powder

England, 1605.

12-year-old Tom must save his father from hanging. He falls in with a mysterious stranger – the Falcon – who promises to help in exchange for his service. But on the long journey to London, Tom discovers the Falcon’s true mission – and a plot to blow up Parliament with barrels of black powder.

Tom faces a terrible decision: secure his father’s release, or stop the assassination of the king …

‘A rip-roaring, beautifully written life-and-death quest, packed with history and adventure.’


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Out on 5 April 2018

The Buried Crown, a tale of Anglo-Saxon treasure and wartime skulduggery, published by Chicken House

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It’s World War Two and Britain is on the brink of invasion.
Londoner George has been sent to live in the countryside while his brother and guardian, Charlie, trains as a fighter pilot. But the war is closer than he thinks. An ancient burial ground nearby contains a priceless treasure, a magical Anglo-Saxon crown Hitler is desperate to possess. Alongside Kitty, the granddaughter of a Jewish archaeologist, George must find and protect the crown from the Nazi invaders before it’s too late …


‘An exciting and thought-provoking World War II adventure from the author of Black Powder, winner of the Historical Association’s Young Quills Award.’

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