Read an excerpt of Black Powder here.

Watch a short video about the story here.

See how the book cover image was created here.

The Gunpowder Plot Confidential

Find out more about the dark and dangerous world of the Gunpowder Plot, the inspiration for my own story of Black Powder, with these fact sheets:

Fact Sheet 1: gunpowder-plot-confidential-10-facts-about-guy-fawkes

Fact Sheet 2: gunpowder-plot-confidential-fascinating-facts-about-the-gunpowder-plot

Fact Sheet 3: gunpowder-plot-confidential-religious-background

Fact Sheet 4: gunpowder-plot-confidential-i-spy

Black Powder Activity Sheets

Suggested classroom activities linked to themes and topics covered in Black Powder:

Design a wanted poster: black-powder-activity-sheet-1-design-a-wanted-poster

Write a letter: black-powder-activity-sheet-2-write-a-letter

Write a news story: black-powder-activity-sheet-3-write-a-news-story