The Queen’s Fool

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What people are saying about The Queen’s Fool

‘What a compulsive read! I loved the main characters instantly and followed the twists and turns of their compelling story with avid attention.’

Celia Rees, Author of ‘Witch Childand ‘The Fool’s Girl

‘A breathless adventure with a spectacular and satisfying finale. And Cat is unforgettable.’

Fleur Hitchcock, Author of ‘Murder in Midwinter’ and ‘The Boy who Flew

‘The Queen’s Fool is a triumph! An absolute ***** from me.’

Sinéad O’Hart, Author of ‘The Eye of the North’ and ‘The Star-Spun Web’

‘A galloping adventure … rich in period detail and action …’

Sarah Lean, Author of ‘A Dog Called Homeless’

‘A cracking story brimming with warmth, insight and extraordinary history.’

Pam Norfolk, Lancashire Evening Post

‘This is historical fiction at its best with a wonderful heroine everyone can root for … and real action fraught with perilous danger … Utterly compelling …’

Barbara Henderson, Author of ‘Fir for Luck’ and ‘The Chessmen Thief’

‘History buffs in upper juniors and above will love this. As too will anyone looking for an adventure with unique, brave, and loveable characters.’

Roy James, Just Imagine review

‘This book is ideal to read as a class text and perfect for hot-seating and discussing empathy in upper KS2. It will also make a great addition to classroom collections of Tudor topic books.’

Tom Tolkien – The School Reading List

‘As the father of a fully realised person with a learning disability it means a great deal to me there is now something I can read to my daughter … that shows someone like her adventuring, striving, succeeding – the master of her own life regardless of how different she may sometimes seem to others.’

Ben Newmark, History Teacher and educationalist

‘A great adventure with wonderful characters that will leave readers on the edge of their seats at the same time as wanting to learn more about the period.’

The Historian Next Door

‘The plot is full of intrigue, action, surprises, and all very satisfactory. I love the fresh writing and fresh viewpoints.’

Pippa Goodhart, Historical Association Young Quills winning Author of ‘The Great Sea Dragon Discovery’

‘Another superb book from this wonderful author.’

Sue Chambers, Children’s Bookseller